Medical and Health

Technological change in the modern day life is evident in everything we do. From the moment we get up and make our
breakfast or take a shower to the moment we sit in our cars, drive to work, get on with our jobs and come back home. There is no department left untouched by the blessings of technology. The breakthroughs and new innovations or inventions have made it possible for us to make our lives so much easier with the use of technological machinery or equipment.

When we talk about technological revolutions and the impact it has made on significant aspects of our lives, we should understand the great details with which the technological breakthroughs have made a difference. One cannot just generally talk about things or aspects where technology has played its part, because then the real difference will not be evident. Today’s academic blog post will talk about four areas in detail where technology has significantly changed the dynamics and improved things for good.

Medical and Health

If today, we are finding the cure for cancer and prolonging lives of the patients with fatal diseases and illnesses, then it is all because of technology. From emergency equipment to the most delicate of surgeries, everything is now possible with the use of technological equipment. People can literally have assistance in breathing or a new heart in their body with the use of some experts and technological assistance. Medical and health is one area which has made bringing the patient back from the dead to live again possible. For many people technological in health and medical field have also provided tremendous opportunities to excel and become experts in the most niche health fields possible. For example, today we see surgeons who specialize in the most sensitive surgeries found to be very few in the world.

Computers and the Internet

Another great development is in the department of computers and health. If we run down the memory lane, then we will remember the first computers made of heavy equipment and slow speeds, today you can see computers in the most sleek and innovative designs along with extremely powerful specifications. Similarly, if we talk about the internet technology, we will notice the time from connecting to the internet through phone and to nowadays where you have 4G and 100MBPs internet connections, downloading or browsing things in a matter of seconds.


A field which we might not be aware of a lot, aviation is where technological developments have made significant breakthroughs possible. From increasing the safety of flights to automation, making flights a more enjoyable experience as well as comfortable, one technology has helped this field a lot. With the latest developments, you can now access in—flight internet and phone calls while thousands of miles in the sky.

Research and Science

Just like medical and health, technology has made several inroads in the field of research and science. With some innovative methods of analyzing and research, one can have an amazing study as well as a pool of resources to excel in this field.