Reasons why to develop a habit to read daily!

From childhood, we are taught to read books. It is in fact the integral part of our education. We all know how reading is crucial to our studies as it enhances our knowledge, and unless we read, we cannot prepare for the exams. Reading books, newspapers, etc. on a daily basis have far more advantages […]

Adopt a daily writing habit in three steps

Writing is one of the most undervalued activities. People often write because they love to express their feelings on a piece of paper, but most write because it is required of them by their institutions. There are many people who write for fun and enjoy it on a daily basis. It is one thing to […]

Different versions of procrastination and overcoming them

Procrastination in the plain purest form is a period or phase where individual delays doing the task at hand by giving one or the other excuses to internally satisfy or justify their actions. Procrastination can come due to all sorts of reasons. For example, distractions and health reasons, while many times when people are forced […]

Five easy ways to write exceptional essays!

Every student wants to submit the best possible work every semester, but due to some pressures of home or work, this may not always be within your power.For the busy student, sometimes it may seem that it is easier to pay for an essay or assignment and get a professionally written assignment without toiling over […]