How to Improve Your Essay Writing

One of the key issues highlighted in many recent surveys carried out by many professional institutions is the dependence of individuals on technology. Yes! It has gifted us a whole new world of opportunities. However, it has deprived us from many basic skills in life. One of the main skills affected by globalization and modernization […]

Medical and Health

Technological change in the modern day life is evident in everything we do. From the moment we get up and make our breakfast or take a shower to the moment we sit in our cars, drive to work, get on with our jobs and come back home. There is no department left untouched by the […]

Role of Technological Innovation

Today’s generation is highly immersed in the use of technology and so it has become a necessity for the tech-savvy society. Look around you and you will not be able to find a single person without any gadget in hands; be it a laptop, notebook, iPad or just a smartphone. So where does this technology […]

Reasons why to develop a habit to read daily!

From childhood, we are taught to read books. It is in fact the integral part of our education. We all know how reading is crucial to our studies as it enhances our knowledge, and unless we read, we cannot prepare for the exams. Reading books, newspapers, etc. on a daily basis have far more advantages […]

Adopt a daily writing habit in three steps

Writing is one of the most undervalued activities. People often write because they love to express their feelings on a piece of paper, but most write because it is required of them by their institutions. There are many people who write for fun and enjoy it on a daily basis. It is one thing to […]