Being Dauntless Against Homework

If you are in kindergarten, you get worksheets to write your alphabet. If you are in elementary school, you need to answer the questions from your basic science textbook. If you are in high school, you get an assignment to write on the Magna Carta. If you are in college, you get a paper to write on the fundamental principles of biochemistry.

Regardless of what phase of education you are going through, homework will be your constant companion, so if you are the kind of student who gets butterflies in the stomach when they think of homework, you need to toughen up! You need to be dauntless! And as difficult as it may seem, you can be! It is normal to be anxious or feel a bout of nervousness, but if not controlled, these feelings can control you instead, and that means a decline in your performance graph. Here’s how you can build your defenses against these bouts of anxiety.


Going to the very roots

Getting to the root of the problem is essential, so that the reason behind the problem can be eliminated from the picture. In the case of homework anxiety, question why are you nervous? Is it because you do not understand the course matter well? Is it because you do not have the required skills for the home assignment? Is it because you find it difficult to make time to do the homework? Once you diagnose the reason of the problem, you will be able to solve it.

Managing your time

Time management is an invaluable skill that every student must try to develop and employ. A lot of homework problems can be resolved if the student manages their time well and makes a schedule that specifies a certain time for studying. A flexible timetable is all that is needed.

Help from others

There are a lot of people that can help a student who is finding homework difficult. A family member or a senior may help with the homework, students may get together for group studying, a private tutor may be hired, or the internet may be used to get help. Online forums have threads on many topics, and students may ask questions they have about their homework on these. Online self study guides are also available. Video lectures on the internet are another way to assist students with their homework and to understand concepts taught in class in a much better way.